Born in Puerto Rico, I moved to New Orleans in 1978 with my parents and have loved it ever since.  For the past 19 years I have lived in Mandeville, a quaint little town, north of New Orleans, full of history and color.  And color is what I live for.  I have been drawing and painting since I can remember.  My father was an artist and some of his talent must have passed on to me.

Although I have taken art lessons from various local artists in the past, I'm basically self-taught.   Being self-taught has allowed my style to evolve through the years as each piece is a lesson in composition and style.  What hasn't changed through the years is the fact that painting is a form of emotional expression to me.  Each painting reflects an honest feeling, sentiment, or personal experience. 


As you go through the pictures, I hope you enjoy the images and they inspire you as they do me.